Friday, August 7, 2009



Well, there's about 24 hours to go before our Read-a-Thon kicks of again, and I'm afraid we may be facing a bit of an organizational crisis.
Kathrin, who did such a wonderful job running our first Read-a-Thon has not been blogging or mailing for the past few weeks, and I have been unable to get in touch with her.
Normally, that would not have been an issue and I would have tried to take over and give this weekend's event the same attention she gave the last one. However, my husband has his arm in a cast and now I find myself unexpectedly having to drive him around Ireland for the first part of this weekend. I'm leaving today (Friday) and won't be home until Saturday evening. I should be able to get some reading in somewhere between the driving, but I won't have access to a computer until I come home again. So, the situation is that I will not be in a position to post as frequently as Kathrin did the last time.
I do hope though that all of you who said you wanted to participate this weekend will still do so, and let us know through your comments how you're getting on with your reading and how you're enjoying the experience this time around, and I will do the same.
For starters, I would love to know if any of you have been planning what book(s) you want to read this weekend? Or maybe, like me, you are waiting to see how the mood will strike you and plan to pick up whatever books takes your fancy?
After all, the whole idea is to enjoy 12 hours of one of our favourite pass times, reading mysteries, and I intend to do exactly that.


  1. Marlene, I am planning to participate. I also have some books to give away during the challenge...if you want to invite me to this blog as a guest poster, I can post the giveaways here during the 24 hour period (I will think of some things to do for people to be eligible to win). Otherwise, I'll just post them to my own blog (although having one central blog I think might be easier). My email: caribousmom (at)gmail (dot) com

  2. Oh, I should also mention the books I have to give away (I will ship internationally on two of them):

    Theft of the Master, by Edwin Alexander (Hardcover)
    The Secret Scroll by Ronald Cutler (Hardcover)
    Malice by Lisa Jackson (Hardcover)
    The House at Midnight by Lucie Whitehouse (Advance Reader's Edition)

  3. Yes, I have been trying to plan out which books to read first. But there are so many choices. :(

  4. I am in and I have a few books up my alley!

  5. Here's what I'mn hoping to get read this weekend.

    Murder on Astor Place (Victoria Thompson)
    The Silver Needle Murder (Laura Childs)
    Thyme of Death (Susan Wittig Albert)
    Deja Dead (Kathy Reichs)

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  6. ATTENTION ALL PARTICIPANTS: Giveaways for this event may be found at

  7. I'll be participating as well.

  8. Wendy, I just send you an email about what you said in your comment. Let me know what you think. And I hope you'll enjoy the reading.

  9. Heidenkind, I know what you mean. There are always way too many books and not enough time to read them all. However, 12 hours of mysteries only should at least make a small dent in the amount of books waiting for your attention.

  10. I will still be participating and hope your husband is ok. I will be doing my 12 ours tomorrow as I had a meal with friends tonight and my reading group this morning.

    I plan on reading Three Bedrooms, One Corpse by Charlaine Harris and Grave Peril by Jim Butcher. That should pretty much keep me occupied for the whole day.

  11. I think I left a comment here saying I am very much in!

    Thanks Wendy for the generous offer!

  12. Thank you Rhinoa. The husband is fine,just a lot more work than he normally is. Under normal circumstances he would have gone on a lads weekend, and I would have been at home with lots of time to read. As is is, I had to bring him down to Kilkenny and since it was a long enough drive, stay over before driving back again. But the reading is done, all 12 hours of them.
    I'm glad you are participating and hope you are enjoying your books. I like both Harris and Butcher.

  13. Wow, Nona (cheli) that's quite an amount of reading. I hope it's going according to plan and you're enjoying all your books.