Monday, August 10, 2009


Well, it's over. 12 hours of the last weekend have been spend on reading, and I couldn't think of a better way to spend my time.
During these 12 hours I managed to achieve the following:
Pages read: 602
Books read from start to finish: 1
Average grade of books read: 4.5
* HOUNDED TO DEATH by Rita Mae Brown
* INDIGO SLAM by Robert Crais
Short reviews of all these books can be found on my reading blog which you can find HERE

As far as the whole experience is concerned, for me it was a bit disjointed this time. Because I had to bring my husband to Kilkenny on Friday and didn't return home until Saturday evening I had very little time where I could just sit down and read for a long period of time. However, between driving, experiencing the arts festival in Kilkenny, household chores and walking the dog I did manage to find 12 hours reading time, and that is what it was all about.
I really hope all of you enjoyed your reading weekend, even if it was a bit disorganized. I've no doubt that we will decide to have another one before too long, and I hope you all will join us then again.
Finally, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Wendy for organizing the give-aways and putting up with my computer/blogger ignorance.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


As we're heading for the last stretch in our Read-a-Thon, and I have just finished my 12 hours of reading, Wendy has posted her final give-away blog. So, anybody who is interested in winning one of the wonderful books she has on offer, please use this link:
and I wish you all good luck!
I will tell all about my reading over the past weekend in a separate blog, and hope to hear from all of you too.
Enjoy the rest of your reading.

An apology :-(

My dear book lovers,
I'm so sorry I haven't been around for this read-a-thon! I feel so bad for not being around to help at all or to join you :-(

I haven't had a vacation in 2 years and originally had planned to take one week off in mid- to late July. Unfortunately, I didn't realize I was a lot more exhausted than a single week can take care of.

On top of that, my laptop is no longer reliable, so I have been working longer hours at my student job to have the money for a new one once the next semester begins (in early Oct). This, of course, hasn't helped me relax in the least, so I have been even more exhausted and haven't been online much - if at all - for the past few weeks :-(

I can't tell you how sorry I am I missed out on this read-a-thon, but I hope you had lots of fun and will be with us again if we do another read-a-thon.

I'm glad that Marleen is so internet and blog savvy that she took over the entire work with no problems that I could see. And another thanks to Wendy from Caribou's Mom for the generous offer!




With only about 7 hours to go before the Read-a-Thon will be over for me, it's pretty late in the day for me to be posting my first update, but I suppose it's a case of better late then never.
I have got just over three hours of reading left to do to reach the 12 hour goal and have managed the following by this stage:
Pages read: 430
Books finished:
* HOUNDED TO DEATH by Rita Mae Brown (book started before the Read-a-Thon)
* INDIGO SLAM by Robert Crais
Present read:


Just another 12 hours to go until the Read-a-Thon will be over again. At least, that's true for me, but I'm on European time. For most of you there's a while longer still to go.
I hope you are all enjoying the books you are reading.
Wendy, has posted a second chance for all of you to win a book on her blog. Please click here to go to her post:
and good luck to you all.
Now, I find I'm having a hard time getting any long periods of reading in. Having been away for the first part of the weekend means there are lots of little things I need to do at home now. I should still make the 12 hours of reading, but I was looking forward to doing it in a few long sessions rather than in lots of little ones. But, that's the way it is, and getting to read for 12 hours is always a good thing.
Keep an eye on this blog since there will be more give-aways from Wendy following. Or you can of course bookmark Wendy's blog and keep an eye on developments there.
I just want to say a big thank you to Wendy. I don't know how I would have managed with all of this, and without Kathrin's assistance, if it hadn't been for her.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I hope everybody is enjoying their reading. The Read-a-Thon has now been going for 22 1/2 hours, so we have another 25 1/2 hours to go. I don't know about all of you, but I've been travelling so much over the past 36 hours that I haven't gotten a whole lot of reading in yet. Just as well I've got nothing, other than reading, planned for tomorrow.
Anyway, the reason for this short post is that Wendy has been very kind and has offered up a few books to give away to participants of this Read-a-Thon.
If you all have a look at Wendy's own blog here:
you can enter her give away. I wish all of you the best of luck.
I will post some more tomorrow, before I start reading again. In the meantime, if any of you feel like letting me know how you're getting on and how you're enjoying the experience, I would love to see your comments.

Friday, August 7, 2009



Well, there's about 24 hours to go before our Read-a-Thon kicks of again, and I'm afraid we may be facing a bit of an organizational crisis.
Kathrin, who did such a wonderful job running our first Read-a-Thon has not been blogging or mailing for the past few weeks, and I have been unable to get in touch with her.
Normally, that would not have been an issue and I would have tried to take over and give this weekend's event the same attention she gave the last one. However, my husband has his arm in a cast and now I find myself unexpectedly having to drive him around Ireland for the first part of this weekend. I'm leaving today (Friday) and won't be home until Saturday evening. I should be able to get some reading in somewhere between the driving, but I won't have access to a computer until I come home again. So, the situation is that I will not be in a position to post as frequently as Kathrin did the last time.
I do hope though that all of you who said you wanted to participate this weekend will still do so, and let us know through your comments how you're getting on with your reading and how you're enjoying the experience this time around, and I will do the same.
For starters, I would love to know if any of you have been planning what book(s) you want to read this weekend? Or maybe, like me, you are waiting to see how the mood will strike you and plan to pick up whatever books takes your fancy?
After all, the whole idea is to enjoy 12 hours of one of our favourite pass times, reading mysteries, and I intend to do exactly that.